E-Filing Information for Chancery and Probate Court

Beginning June 2, 2022 you may access Tybera’s e-filing website by clicking or following https://go.tybera.net/tncis/.

Prior to e-filing you should carefully review the 12th Judicial District Local Rules for e-filing.

Document Information/Restrictions

Most documents can be e-filed. However, you are responsible for redacting documents you submit through e-filing (eFlex e-filing software is provided by Tybera). Un-redacted documents that do not meet the requirements set out in the local rules or as listed below, should be submitted directly to the Clerk & Master’s office. The following documents, or similar documents, should not be submitted through e-filing:

  • Unredacted Divorce Certificates
  • Unredacted Adoption Certificates
  • Unredacted banking documents
  • Unredacted Medical records
  • Unredacted pleadings/filings containing full social security numbers

Original Wills must still be filed with the Clerk’s Office even if a copy is attached to a Petition to Probate (redaction rules still apply).

For questions about a specific document, please contact the Clerk & Master’s office prior to e-filing.


E-filing is provided by Tybera and can be accessed (1) by an annual subscription, or (2) on a per transaction basis.

  1. The annual subscription fee is currently $300 per attorney. This provides the attorney with unlimited filing transactions and document downloads during the subscription period.
  2. The per transaction fee cost is currently $5 per transaction for document transactions, $50 maximum per case, and $1.25 per document download.

A transaction may include more than one document being filed to a single case. However, the total size of all documents may not exceed 30 mb, and no single document may exceed 10 mb.

If the combined total of all documents either exceeds 30 mb, or an individual document is more than 10 mb, then the individual document will need to be broken into smaller documents, and/or submission will need to be made by more than one transaction. Each separate transaction will result in a fee being charged by Tybera.

Both of the foregoing options, either subscription or transactional, will require the creation of an account with Tybera and registration of a credit/debit card. Additional court costs and credit/debit card transaction fees may apply to any particular transaction.

Credit/debit card processing is provided through BIS which has established a minimum convenience fee of $1 or 2.5% of the total transaction, whichever is greater.


Training videos for e-filing are also provided by Tybera and are available at https://www.tybera.com/support/tennessee-support/. Contact Tybera for technical support if problems or difficulties occur while e-filing.

Additional Information for Attorneys:

Please contact the Clerk & Mater’s office for guidance if you are opening a new case and you are unsure which case category or fee to choose. Choosing the incorrect case category will result in the case filing fee being incorrect, and incorrect reporting to the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).