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We strive to enhance the quality of life for all citizens by working together with the community in a manner that positively impacts, promotes and preserves growth. I challenge each individual to become a life-long contributor to an extraordinary Seq. County

Sincerely, County Executive – Keith Cartwright

About Our County

Beautiful Sequatchie County

Located in Southeastern Tennessee, is part of the Cumberland Plateau, which rises more than 1000 feet above the Tennessee River Valley. Its primary river is the Sequatchie, carving its way through the county, providing agricultural, recreational, and scenic opportunities.   In the spring the valley shimmers with emerald beauty, and is also speckled pink and white with blossoms. The autumn transforms the valley into a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges and yellows from the changing leaves of the deciduous oak, maple and poplar trees. Year-round the valley boasts of life and natural beauty unlike anywhere in the world. The Nature Conservancy observes “[t]he Cumberland Plateau’s rivers and streams sustain some of the country’s greatest variety of fish and mollusk species, and ravines and deep hollows are among the richest wildflower areas in southern palachia.”
Sequatchie County is one of the counties forming the Sequatchie Valley. The Valley is unique, able to be seen from space, remarkably straight, like a knife cut. The Valley was created from a series of sinkholes.   Over eons water gradually enlarged small cracks and pores in the limestone making up the Valley’s geological formation, allowing water to begin to pool. Over thousands of years, these small cracks and pores expanded to become underground streams and caves. When the underground caves collapsed, sinkholes were formed, and the Valley created.

A Beautiful County Filled With Mountains.

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Its unequivocal beauty and fertility drew the early settlers to the county. Mining of valuable minerals found in the valley promised economic gain, as well. For generations the community sustained itself from profitable coal mining, and these abandoned endeavors now draw tourists interested in history.

Above images were provided by Carson Camp, a local photographer and historian.
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