Volunteer Fire Departments

The Sequatchie County Volunteer Fire Departments are a network of dedicated and community-driven organizations focused on fire prevention, emergency response, and disaster management throughout Sequatchie County. These volunteer-based fire departments provide essential firefighting services, respond to various emergencies such as accidents, medical calls, and natural disasters, and conduct fire prevention and safety education initiatives. Comprising local volunteers who undergo rigorous training, they play a pivotal role in protecting lives and property by swiftly responding to fire incidents and other critical situations. Their commitment to safeguarding the community exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism and ensures the safety and well-being of Sequatchie County’s residents.

If you would like to become a Volunteer please reach out to your local area Fire Department!

Dunlap Vol. Fire Dept.
Norman Hatfield
Southend Vol. Fire Dept.
Ken Herron
Lewis Chapel Vol. Fire Dept.
Peggy Mountain
Fredonia Vol. Fire Dept.
Brian Ruehling
Cagle Vol. Fire Dept.
Robert Rude
Lone Oak Vol. Fire Dept.
Dana Clift